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Book Recommendations During Lockdown

If you are a regular visitor of the social cataloging website “Goodreads”, then you are very well aware of their poor UI. Even after the 2013 acquisition by Amazon, the site still lacks personalization of feed and content discoverability of new books. If you login to Goodreads, chances are more that you will be transported to the old world of 2000’s website.

The listopia by Goodreads is pure gold. It has more than hundreds of recommendations for 100+ genres. But the biggest difficulty is to find the right one. Well, let me help you cut the chase.

During this lockdown, a lot of them have been asking how do you find time to read and where do you find the book recommendations. There is no better time than now to invest your time and energy towards reading a good book. Don’t worry! You might be a person who has never read a book before or is someone like me who cannot sleep without reading a minimum of 10 pages a day. Follow the steps given below, bookmark the webpage and keep it for your future reference.

  1. Visit “Goodreads” on Wikipedia
  2. Hop on to the “Winners” category
  3. Scroll down to your favorite genre and find the best book recommendations from each category.

If you further scroll down in the same page, you will find authors which have won Multiple Awards. It is helpful if you run out of all the book recommendations and are looking for something new.

Isn’t it very simple!

Header Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash