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Photography 101: Architecture.

With this theme, I would like to introduce you all to a beautiful place posting a series of pictures below, this is a place where I spent hours admiring the beauty of ancient architecture. Luckily I could click few amazing pictures of this charming place, have a look at them.

Ibrahim Roza01 The perfect view.

Ibrahim Roza Monochrome effect

Ibrahim Roza1 Evening sun light gave a nice coloring effect

Ibrahim Roza2 Another angle with monochrome effect

Ibrahim Roza3 Rear view of the fort

Ibrahim Roza 4 Experimenting photography

Ibrahim Roza5 Loved this picture since it gives a perfect match for monochrome effect!

This is the tomb of Ibrahim Adil Shah II (ruled 1580-1627), the fifth king of the dynasty and known for religious tolerance, built on a single rock bed. Exceptionally conceived and finely decorated, it is one of the supreme achievements of the Adil Shahis. Designed by a Persian architect, Malik Sandal, the tomb and a mosque are…

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