Day 12 – Photography 101- ARCHITECTURE

Black & White

Kadalepuri Writes

Photography 101: Architecture.

With this theme, I would like to introduce you all to a beautiful place posting a series of pictures below, this is a place where I spent hours admiring the beauty of ancient architecture. Luckily I could click few amazing pictures of this charming place, have a look at them.

Ibrahim Roza01 The perfect view.

Ibrahim Roza Monochrome effect

Ibrahim Roza1 Evening sun light gave a nice coloring effect

Ibrahim Roza2 Another angle with monochrome effect

Ibrahim Roza3 Rear view of the fort

Ibrahim Roza 4 Experimenting photography

Ibrahim Roza5 Loved this picture since it gives a perfect match for monochrome effect!

This is the tomb of Ibrahim Adil Shah II (ruled 1580-1627), the fifth king of the dynasty and known for religious tolerance, built on a single rock bed. Exceptionally conceived and finely decorated, it is one of the supreme achievements of the Adil Shahis. Designed by a Persian architect, Malik Sandal, the tomb and a mosque are…

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Day 11 – Photography 101 – A Pop of Color

Sky is the limit for your imagination

Kadalepuri Writes

Photography 101: A Pop of Color.

Boom! The golden sky

CLOUDS” are the only thing that never makes me feel bored by looking at them. I am a big time cloud watcher and perhaps my favorite way of killing time. When I have nothing to do I sit in a place and admire them, they are the ones which inspire me a lot to think artistically, I always feel that there is a story behind every single cloud before taking its shape.

The picture I’ve posted here here is handpicked from the archives. It was around 6 in the evening, when I went up to the terrace out of boredom and surprisingly the pattern of cloud caught my eye in the evening sky; I was stunned at the amazing texture and was immobile by the beauty for a couple of minutes. It all seemed like there is someone…

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Self-Dating @CCD

Past Tense present tense

Good Tidings.

Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

Time is sharp 5:00pm and i am rushing to the nearby Cafe Coffee Day to meet a younger reflection of my own.

The Bangalorean Traffic just makes life more difficult sometimes. I breathe in and breathe out in order to calm down my nerves and finally manage to get inside the CCD on time. I can easily recognize the younger version of me all engrossed in the survey of nearby surroundings of the cafe.

I quickly say “Hi” and then sit opposite to my younger version. I order 2 Latte’s as this is one such flavor that has never altered since my teenage. I slowly open my sling bag and take out 2 neatly sealed envelopes which are of Red and Black color.

As the latte arrives at our tables, i sip the hot frothy beverage and quickly signal my eyes to open those 2 envelopes to the younger version of mine.

The Black Envelope :

It read “Before 10 Years”

It had a single paper which had the following sentences in it

Dear Gloomy Past,

You are about to experience the worst phase of your life now. You will face 2 biggest failures of your life and will be shattered to a million pieces. There will not be anyone to show some sympathy on you and you shall be left on the cold sea shore alone to die in pain. But, all you should ever remember is “Bad things are just fragmented moments of timely lessons in our lives. They come, teach us lessons and then gift us good moments and leave. This moment also shall pass. So keep your hopes alive and be positive no matter what”

Not yours forever,

Bright Future!!

The Red Envelope:


It just had one single line in it.

Dear Bright Future,


Best Wishes,

The Beautiful PRESENT

I finished my latte and left with a smile leaving the poor gloomy past brooding over the things written in the paper.

As i came outside, i sensed a strange feeling of having left the PAST BROOD ON ITS PAST and me having moved on to a brighter future than i ever thought of.

How was your encounter with the 10 years past YOU and the current day YOU??

Would love to read your experiences here.

Thanks for reading this post.

Lots of love and hugs,


Shoot what it feels like…

Photography 101: Bliss.

Don’t shoot what it looks like, Shoot what it feels like – David Alan Harvey

FYI..David Alan Harvey is one of the most distinguished American Photographer.

So when the Photography 101 guys threw this challenge i immediately remembered this photo. I had clicked this at Shivanasamudra.

DSC06482And another one

DSC06483 - CopyThese photos in reality are pretty much different. I had to tweak the exposure levels and color effects in my Sony Cybershot. And then for final “Upload” moment i have added Vignette Effect for the photos.

I am going to write separate blog post for each of these photos but for the challenge this is my late entry…

Thanks a lot for stopping by !!!

Lots of love and hugs,


Day 5 – Photography101 – SOLITUDE

Loneliness is #Bliss

Kadalepuri Writes

SOLITUDE – A situation of being alone.

"Solitaire" The Lonely thing.

        I was experimenting with my DSLR camera the other day and fortunately it was raining heavily outside (I love clicking pictures when it rains 🙂 ). I took a walk on the veranda and saw this lonely leaf hanging up there. I pointed my lens towards the leaf and took this shot. I think this one picture clearly speaks about solitude it is pretty self-explanatory, conveys that the leaf can survive being alone and not to feel lonely anytime. In fact, one must love being alone which makes us realize things for self.

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