My Fascination Towards Ramcharitmanas

It all started during my degree college days when I had “Sunderkaand” as a compulsory book for Hindi First Language paper. The book which was given to us was an excerpt from the epic poem “Ramcharitmanas” by Goswami Tulsidas.

Here are some of the facts that really attracted me to go beyond the syllabus and start exploring the beauty of Ramcharitmanas:

  1. The poem was composed by one of the world’s greatest poet in Hindi i.e. Goswami Tulsidas in 16th Century.
  2. The book “Ramcharitmanas” is considered to be one of the finest pieces of literature in Hindi.
  3. During the composition of the book, the poet came across a million hurdles. But Tulsidas was relentless to complete the whole book.
  4. Little do people know, that Tulsidas wrote this during the reign of King Akbar and also he existed in the era of William Shakespeare.
  5. The way the whole poem is written is something which is worth reading at least once in a lifetime.
  6. The endless descriptions and personifications and the usage of words literally makes one fall in love with Awadhi and Hindi.

I then started hunting for the big book of Ramcharitmanas by Gita Press and every time on Flipkart and Amazon, this book was out of stock.

Finally, after years of search, I caught hold of the thick print and hard paperback edition of Ramcharitmanas by Gita Press at Ragigudda Hanuman Temple, JP Nagar, Bangalore.

With an amazing offer which was there for the book, I took this and that’s how my journey with Ramcharitmanas started.

Each line and each paragraph or quartet carries such beautiful message for mankind. One should go ahead and start reading it in order to experience the bliss of Ramcharitmanas.