Unlocking Snapchat For Small & Medium Scale Business Owners


The first thing that comes to your mind is the yellow ghost and then all you know is it is an app dedicated to make something like Instagram stories.

I am sure everyone would have downloaded the app, clicked some selfies and then did not understand where to take it ahead. Few people still use it to text their friends and share snaps but apart from that, if I were to ask you what is the use of Snapchat for your business…. most of you would simply shrug their shoulders and say “IDK Bro!”

Does it sound like the story of your life?

No problem. Nobody is judging you here!

Snapchat in India has really not scaled up to a large degree compared to other parts of the world.

So what exactly is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a camera company. The app mainly has a very simple interface which makes it easy for people to click photos and have some fun.

Yes, it’s really that simple app!

Snapchat is currently the most happening platform where you have people from age 18 – 24 years old. Much before Instagram came up with the concept of stories, Snapchat was the one who pioneered the idea of stories (snaps/videos that would disappear after 24 hours).

Snapchat became really popular with teens and youngsters because Snapchat is all about being in the moment. You cannot edit and photoshop your images here. The best part about chatting with people on snapchat is that the content gets deleted once you and your friend has seen the text message. With lots of in-built filters and sponsored filters, the app has really caught the attention of content creators from all over the world.

With an increasing number of millennials coming up on Snapchat every day, this could be an addition to your social media channel to increase your sales. Here is how you can use snapchat in your daily business.

Well begun is half done:

Download Snapchat and register it with your company name.

Snapchat does not show your snap codes to your other friends. Hence you might have to start sharing your snapcode with your friends on Whatsapp or Messenger. Feel free to share your snapcode on your business cards, menus, flyers, Ads, FB Pages etc. Take a print out of your snapcode and post it outside your store. Ask your customers to add you on Snapchat.

Keep it real. Be Yourself.

Since most of the content is raw and unedited on snapchat, you don’t have to really struggle to be “PERFECT”. People love candid things on snapchat. Use Snapchat as a great platform to shoot your BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) videos. Shoot the way you organize your store or cafe. Shoot snaps of your day at the store. (Don’t forget to tag locations, they increase your overall visibility on Snapchat)

Use your customers as your Snap Ambassadors:

Most of the transactions happening on Snapchat is all real-time and hence my suggestion to you is to encourage your customers to snap more often when they walk-in. You can offer them discounts for tagging you and taking snaps. Hold a special meet up exclusive for snapchat influencers in the locality. This might help you to get more followers and more footfalls.

Snapchat Takeovers:

HealthifyMe is doing an excellent job by giving their Instagram accounts for takeover. You can use the same feature for your snapchat accounts as well. Ask your enthusiastic millennial customers to takeover your snapchat account for a week. This brings a fresh perspective to your snapchat account and also encourages people from your customer’s circle to come and add you.

Use Snap Map’s for your advantage:

Asking your customers to take snaps will only help you in making your business visible in their friends’ circle. Snap maps are low-cost organic ways of making yourself visible in the nearby locality.

Make sure when you post your content, you make your content available on “Our Story” feature as well. This helps people across the world discover your snaps.

So the next time you see the yellow ghost on your screen, don’t just restrict yourself only for some crazy dog faced selfie. Use it efficiently. And please don’t forget to have some fun along the way.

Happy Snapping!!! 👻

Are You Taking Your Consumers Seriously?

fast moving train

You invested a great deal of money on Facebook Ads, people came, installed and then dropped off….

Sounds like story of your business?

Wait no further to take a step back and realign your strategy towards dealing your social media strategy.

Your consumers are moving more fast than you can think of. They are exposed to content which has been tailor-made for them by intelligent AI driven social media networks.

They are immune to your Ads. They are immune to your efforts of capturing their attention. If you don’t be a Dale Carnegie for them, they will soon abandon you and your platform and move somewhere else where their voices are heard!

If you want to talk to your target audience, give them something 10x more interesting than what they are consuming right now. Make sure you’re making enough noise to cut through their existing chaotic social media feed.

If you still think, money can buy you customers, then you very well belong to analog world. Because today’s millennials are 100 times more sharp and come with layers of thick skin which won’t absorb your content just like that. It’s high time you stop taking them for granted. Your consumers are today more interested in knowing who you are as a person. They are more interested in knowing your culture. They like you being more transparent.

They are watching you all the time and will notice every word that comes out of your brand. You cannot speak your language infront of them. Consumers today want you to speak their language, they want you to get down to their level and tell them why do you matter in their daily lives.

Are you ready to wrestle for attention in the digital sandpit? If not, then it’s time to rethink where you are heading to.