#97 – “I Love You Steve” Series Is Back

i love you steve

Hello My Dear Steve Jobs Fans…

First of all, my apologies for keeping this section of my blog very very very dry for almost 3 years. Drowned in work and poetry and what not, I almost lost my focus on this section. Blame it on my age old procrastination, I kept on delaying this like hell.

Thanks to all those people who kept on asking me, time and again that when will I start this again. Thanks to all those people who still visit my blog to read my stagnant articles again and again.

I owe you yet another series this year. Without any delay….

I am announcing my new series on Steve Jobs here right from next Monday. Okay… I get that expression on your face… This time it’s not going down the drain. This time it’s for real.

Let’s all be crazy for a while and take the tour of Steve Jobs Life once again.