#107 – Age Cannot Wither Her

Writing a new post in response to the Twitter Prompt sponsored by @hourlyprompts. Today’s prompt is

age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety

Can you name one person in your life who fits the above description? For me it’s a mother who fits each and every word given in the above writing prompt.

For its only a mother whose age doesn’t wither her

Her love for her kids grows exponentially each day. She may hate you for all the wrongs that you have done to her, but at the end of the day she forgives all of them and gives only pure unconditional love to you.

She reserves the last piece of the pie to you and says she isn’t hungry. She bears the blows from the angry husband and makes sure you get a bright future. She slogs all day long but never loses her calm. Instead she comes home and happily agrees to prepare the dinner for the family.

No words can exactly describe what is Mothers love actually like. You can only feel it. You can only be grateful to God that he gave such a sweet guardian angel to you. You are indeed very lucky that you are not amongst those hundreds of kids who are orphaned without motherly love and are left in foster homes/orphanages.

We don’t need a specific day dedicated to thank her. We can thank her each day and each second of our lives for all the unconditional love that she showers on us. We owe our lives to our mothers. This post is a small dedication for all those mothers who reserve large chunks of their lifetime in the upbringing of their kids and family members. It’s for those mothers who are never thanked for all their sacrifices. It’s for all those mothers who are yet to give birth to their lil ones. It’s for every woman reading this and silently thanking her mom.
Who is that one woman in your life who defies age and shines like a diamond each day?



#106 – Why Should You Have Real Biker Friends In Your Life?

KTM track day

This article is dedicated to my biker friends who have been there with me through thick and thin and have supported me to become the person I am today.

Writing a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started. Source: Together

As I read the word prompt, the only thing that came to my mind was this quote:

“There’s a reason why two people stay together. They give each other something nobody else can”

And what is it that we as a person can give to each other ?

It could be unflinching trust, mutual respect or it could be unconditional love or anything that nurtures the good in each other. And true togetherness comes only when both the people involved in a relationship respect each other equally. This applies to all walks of our lives.

Be it in an MNC with several teams working towards a common goal or be it two friends who want to start some new venture together. In my life, I have often seen this kind of togetherness only in the Motorcycle fraternity. Most of my biker friends share this togetherness within their biker brotherhood. They have each others back through thick and thin. They just don’t give up easily and most importantly, they have such genuine hearts that they don’t expect anything else from you other than your company.

They are truly friends for life. And trust me, some of the best relationships in my life have come from this family. Also some of the life’s valuable lessons have been taught to me only by these boys. Apart from the stunts and the abusive language that these men use,  I think any woman who has a  biker friend is the most safest woman on this planet. They might appear rude and scary from the outside but deep inside them lies a friend you might never want to lose.

biker quotes

Recently, I happened to stumble on an article written by most (in)famous moto bloggers Akhil Kalsh aka Riderzone. He wrote an amazing article in remembrance of his beloved biker friend who passed away few months back. When I wrote to him sharing a similar experience of mine, he promptly wrote back expressing his views on the same.

Another incident which happened in my life recently after my biker friend’s death was my encounter with RideWithRahul, a famous youtuber who came to my rescue by motivating me to get back up in my life. The shock of losing your best friend in a horrible motorcycle accident is very heart wrenching. Only real bikers can understand the pain of losing another mate.

What still surprises me from the above two incidents is that ,these two people are more or less like stars in the world of Indian Motorcycling Community. Yet, they have hearts to  respond back and be there with me when I was in deep shit. If you feel all these are just words and there is nothing special about having bikers as your friends, then probably its high time to get an entry to a Motorcycle Ride happening in your city and hang around with these folks. The togetherness that you experience with the biker bros are completely different than what you get to see elsewhere. Trust me you will feel the difference.

If you remembered any of your biker friend while reading this article, please share this article with them. Let them also know how much they are appreciated around the world.



Note: Header Photo Courtesy : DukeMachas

Daily Prompts #105 – Why Is Your Workplace Hurting You?

workplace quotes

Writing a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started. Source: Slog

I heard the word “slog” for the first time when I entered into this IT Industry. Many people would say that once you start working you will realize that there is nothing here except slogging endlessly and not getting paid for the slog.

It was during this time, I happened to read one of the best books that i have ever read in my life i.e. The Autobiography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. In the book, you can see lots of places where Steve Jobs stresses on the importance of loving the work that you do.

He once said “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. How many of us love the work we do right from the bottom of their heart? When was the last time you did something for the first time? The moment we discover the answer for these questions we would end the “slogging saga” of all our working lives.

Thanks for stopping by.



Daily Prompt #103 – Fence

Writing a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started. Source: Fence

Grass is always greener from the other side of the Fence is the new age mantra. The waiter at the cafe feels his owner is better off than him in terms of all the man hours that he puts into serving his customers. The employee in a regular firm feels his Manager is better off than him and his Manager feels his boss is better off than him…

Housewife craves for the freedom of a working woman and the Working Woman craves for the peaceful stay at home and pursuing her hobbies. The kid longs to become an adult and an adult struggles years together to relive his childhood…. Hence the mantra of Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence is apt for today’s world.

Sitting on the edge of the fence and admiring the other side always leads to sweet illusions. This in turn makes us forget what we have in our hand. We lose track of the fortune that’s already been placed in our hands by God. We forget to be grateful for those little things in our life and spend majority of our time in admiring the other side of the fence.

One such incident, which happened with me was when I was making a transition from a Technical Role to a Non Technical Role. It took me a good 5 months to assimilate the fact that both the roles are equally challenging and no role is free from “obstacles” of its own. But the flow of life teaches you how to accept the change and move on. Now-a-days whenever I feel like throwing the towel and quitting a situation, I sit back and think of “What can be done to avoid quitting?”.

This habit has literally put me into bad situations at times… like I literally had to move my ass out of my comfort zones… But the risk was worth it. Hence instead of admiring what’s on the other side and regretting about your current situation is pointless. Let us take a few minutes, and accept ourselves, Love ourselves and try not to fancy what’s lying on the other side of the fence.

Thanks for stopping by.

Lots of Love,


On Books, SRK & Chaos Of IT Life

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(Sitting near the balcony of my office, suffering with a throbbing neck ache… I finally pulled off the screen of excuses and pledged to myself that I have to write one post today no matter what. And the resultant of this amazing pledge is this blog post.)

It’s been a while that I have not written much on my blog. Genuinely caught up with several important projects of my life, and failing at each attempt to make them not interfere in my creative life, is something which had become hard over these last few weeks. But, I have also learnt to deal with these changes now. There are some aspects of your life which you can control, bend and make it play according to your wish. At the same time, there are hell lot of other zillion things which are always beyond your control which our brain refuses to accept. In turn, you get caught up straightening the things which are not supposed to be straightened and then pause to reflect back on moments of failure. In the end everything sums up to a lesson.

Sometimes, life sends us some signals which directly mean “Stop going that way… unwind and breathe….” and I think today was one such day. There is so much that I wanted to write on and share it with all you lovely readers, but didn’t get a chance to. I wanted to let you know that my love for books has tripled over the past few months and so is my desire for exploring new genres. Although I am dealing with lots of shoulder and neck issues, I still make it a religious practice to sit at one place and read at least a page before i close my eyes.

On Time, On Target Manager by Ken Blanchard taught me the importance of having the 3P’s of your life in place. And made me learn the art of prioritizing on the important tasks rather than the less significant ones in my workplace. It definitely brought so much of order in my routine.

The Habit of Winning by Prakash Iyer was the latest one added to my “READ” shelves. I must say, I want to read this book like a fable over and over again until all the stories in the book gets mixed up with my blood. I don’t know, somehow this book reminds me of SRK’s entry into my life. I mean, there is so much of positivity filled in both of them. Prakash Iyer’s book lifted me from the deep abyss of corporate marketing chaos to a more zen like lifestyle. Thanks to his wonderful narration of stories across the book. The book came as a savior to help me out from a lot of mess.

“FAN” – A movie which made me shed tears once again after Veer Zaara was yet another experience in my life which I can never forget. The film made me fall in love with Mr.SRK one more time ….. and this time a few kilos more love towards him. I love ShahRukh Khan. For all that he has been in his life and all that he has struggled hard to achieve in his life,he will be in my heart until i breathe my last breath. Haters are going to definitely hate him but who gives a fuck. It definitely takes lot of time for retards to develop a sense of appreciation towards this man, unless they rise from rags to riches and know the value of being called a “self made man”.

So what next? I have moved onto my fiction class once again and picked up my fav author Mr. Steig Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy Part 3 – “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest”. After my typhoid and other health issues, I had almost kept a full stop for all the fiction pieces and started focusing more on self help and positive thinking literature to protect myself from some evil creatures around me. Now that I have learnt how to deal with such incidents, I return back to fiction until I get bored of the imaginary characters and imaginary lady idols.

Not sure whether someone really is reading this till here… but whoever stayed reading this till here…. a big thanks to you. You are definitely one of the beautiful souls alive in this galaxy. You have been my strength and life support system all the while. It is because of you guys that, my blog has crossed its 40k mark recently and is still going strong. Thanks for your love and your blessings. The world needs more souls like you.

Love you dear Reader.



Daily Prompt #102 – Fog

fog wallpapers

Dear Friend

do not fog your eyes with tears,

but instead try to clear it off

for it’s always true that

fortune favors the brave…

You have to clear the foggy eyes

and start reaching out for

more clarity….

You might wonder…

what good may await for me 

beyond this black and white mystery of fog….

but keep calm…

fortune favors the brave and

the brave ones are never afraid to

look beyond the black and white …..

Stop brooding over the past

start walking towards the fog

sooner or later

the sun shall rise up the horizon

and lift the thick veil of fog….so,

Dear Friend

do not fog your eyes with tears,

but instead try to clear it off

for it’s always true that

fortune favors the brave…

Lots of Love,


Daily Prompt #101: What’s Inside Your Closet ?

fashion photography

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started.

Source: Closet

A closet is every person’s dream space. A place which always seems less for every shopaholic to stuff all his/her recently bought new clothes/boots/blazers etc. Many people dream of closets like the below ones in their dreams.

But off late, I have been blogging more on Instagram (insta blogging) and have found some amazing closets by famous instagrammers (also called as bookstagrammers)

Come, have a look at what they are upto.

I figure while I am on a Harry Potter/mischief planning kick today, I might as well break into the Restricted Section. I received this fun "Restricted Section" candle this week from @halfoakcandles and just the name alone makes it fun to display on my shelves. It is cedar, dust, freesia and a hint of peony scented and actually does remind me a bit of old books. (Page sniffers out there? 🙋🏻) Do you guys have restricted sections on your shelves? Maybe the books are collectors editions? Maybe they are racy? 😂 Violent? Scary? I personally don't like owning books I would feel SUPER uncomfortable with my kids discovering and pulling down to read. I am still working which ages will be allowed which books or if I will even enforce something like that. I suppose I have plenty of time to figure it out. Do you place age restrictions or any restrictions of any kind on your shelves? Are there books you won't allow your kids to read? Or are there books your parents don't want you reading?

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Hope you enjoyed the trip to the world of bibilophiles who enjoy racking their books in closets and on shelves.
Do let me know how do you arrange your closet?

Lots of Love,

“I Love You Steve” Series Is Back

i love you steve

Hello My Dear Steve Jobs Fans…

First of all, my apologies for keeping this section of my blog very very very dry for almost 3 years. Drowned in work and poetry and what not, I almost lost my focus on this section. Blame it on my age old procrastination, I kept on delaying this like hell.

Thanks to all those people who kept on asking me, time and again that when will I start this again. Thanks to all those people who still visit my blog to read my stagnant articles again and again.

I owe you yet another series this year. Without any delay….

I am announcing my new series on Steve Jobs here right from next Monday. Okay… I get that expression on your face… This time it’s not going down the drain. This time it’s for real.

Let’s all be crazy for a while and take the tour of Steve Jobs Life once again.