Hall of Fame

Hi all!!!!!!!

I am listing out all the blog posts which I find interesting or rather amusing in WordPress.com. Earlier I used to reblog it. But I don’t wanna spam everyone’s inbox by reblogging 10 posts per day. Hence I am listing out all of them here.

  1. A beautiful article on Hand Cycling by Andrew Kurka
  2. An angry indian by Christy Bharath
  3. Want to get rid of that dove from your house. Here’s how.
  4. Someday I would love to reside in a place like this 
  5. How to move out of your comfort zone? A beautiful blog by my good mentor Sup. Click here
  6. Cool blog on Murphy’s Law by my good friend HK.
  7. Hi! We’re Rebecca and Timian and in September 2015 we left the UK for a 12-month trip around the world – or around as much of it as we can get in one year! – Please feel free to visit this blog here.
  8. Want to write a novel in 30 days. Here’s how my friend Mayur did it. Click here.

Please feel free to suggest me any interesting posts which you came across during your blogging at WordPress.com

Thanks for stopping by,

Lots of love and hugs,


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