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Invalid Comments & Essential Learnings

Judgement consumes joy.

An RJ friend of mine who hosts shows regularly dialled me recently for some help. She had a great piece of content but was afraid of posting. I asked her what is stopping her? Her answer was what if my cousins once again read them on net and make fun?

This took me back to 5 years back when I pinged one of my close friends.

“Hey, how was my blog post?”

…. After about 2-3 seconds of delay, there was a “..typing” on his WhatsApp status and then came a ping

“Ahhh … it does not have the fire”

That was just the beginning of it. Little by little, I kept on showing my work to some more folks who constantly kept on sharing similar comments. All these comments came from people who were not even reading the entire blog post. One even went to great lengths by saying “You are a better reader than a writer”.

“You should stop writing”

– a dear friend from social media

Normally, once you start putting out content you slowly start becoming insensitive to such comments. But, in my case, it was just downhill. I let these comments get into my skin. Comments from strangers who don’t even know the craft of writing were passing random comments. Slowly, I hung my boots and focused on other aspects of my life. Life went on but every day I missed sitting and writing blog posts.

Whenever someone used to ask me, I had a laundry list of excuses ranging from “I don’t have time like I had in 2016”, “I don’t write in that genre anymore” etc. It was only recently that my good friend Krishnan gave me a dressing down. He simply asked me “How does it matter whether you write good or bad?” 

It was then I remembered how much I missed was the constant transference of thoughts from my book to blog and receiving love from my small family of readers. Those messages on social media really mean a lot to me.

Somehow we all need friends like Krishnan who can jolt us and bring us back to reality. It was time to come out of my self created jail and break free. So, I have decided now that no matter who thinks that the piece that they are reading is an absolute suicide, it should not bother me from sitting in front of my iPad and bleeding letters one after another.

It really should not bother me. I will wholeheartedly welcome all kinds of comments and take just the good and discard the rest. These essential learnings were absolutely necessary for me.

Here are the three resolutions that I have taken this year for myself:

  • I will write irrespective of what others comment about my writing
  • I will continue to work on my personal growth and draw boundaries 
  • I will work on consistently putting out articles week after week

Let’s see where this year takes me in terms of writing blogs here at Word Press.

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