#132 – What is the most underestimated thing in life?

Well here is an interesting answer that I found on Quora for the same question.

While I completely agree with most of the points said by Mr.Asim Qureshi, here are some additional things I would like to list it out:

Some of the commonly underestimated things in life according to me are:

  1. A person whose soul is set on fire and mind is filled with an idea.
  2. A person deprived of his/her true rights.
  3. A mother who has nothing to lose except her child.
  4. A girl who has been called ugly throughout her life.
  5. A person who has nothing to lose in life

Daily Prompt #18: Do you Believe in Magic?

Daily Prompt: Do you Believe in Magic?.

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ENCHANTMENT.

It was a bright sunny morning. i just woke up to see myself lying on a cold wooden bench facing a stony bridge on my right.


I was surprised to find myself like this. I remember i went from a late night party to my home where i was supposed to drink some more alcohol to keep myself warm in this cold winter but then something strange happened by then…

I woke up from the bench and started seeing the surronding lush greenery now. It was very foggy on one part of the bridge and very sunny on the side where i was now standing. Silky streams were running down the bridge and the sweet chirping of birds all around. I found a black dog lying just beside me which was now enjoying the sun beaming on its shiny fur. i further walked to towards the bridge making my way through the melting fog… aah.. a Graveyard on the foggy side of the bridge. There was the mixed scent of cinnamon and lavender on this side. Though it was pretty strange for a graveyard to have such a sweet smell.

I tried to compose myself again. What am i seeing? Is this a dream? or some chemical illusion? Uncle was right “Too much Alcohol is never good for mental health”. I once again returned back to the bench and started thinking what happened last night…My head was very heavy and my eyes droopy…

just then i closed my eyes and tried to recollect.


I reached out to the fridge and searched for some more drink and found one bottle full of wine. My sister is a big wine lover and hates anyone who touches her divine bottle without her notice. As soon as i opened the bottle i felt a strange dizzy sensation and immediately without wasting one single moment i emptied the whole bottle in an hour or so… and i could feel as if i was being dragged down to some valley …i ignored this thinking after so much of alcohol and wine “Alice in Wonderland” syndrome is common.

but who knew that its really gonna turn a nightmare like this…


I opened my eyes and saw the same bridge again. This time, more clear than ever. The fog had lifted its veil and i could now see the Graveyard more clearly. By now the dog had started following me wherever i went. I ran my hands on its head and then started walking towards the Bridge. After walking for a while i saw a fork in the road. I remembered Robert Frost’s lines

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

i chose to travel on the less travelled one and kept walking when i felt tired and sat under a tree. I saw an almost dying plant and ran my hands on it and was just breathing some fresh air. To my surprise, the plant was slowly regaining life… Magic!!! The plant started growing more rapidly until it started flowering. I was in awe.. i slowly started gaining speed and walked away from the plant…

As i was moving away i came across an old woman who was crying on a grave. i went near her and got to know that her son was dead and he can only be made alive by a flower which blooms when touched by human. I realised that i had touched that plant… i just consoled her and ran towards the tree to find that flower.

The plant was still there gleaming … i went and plucked a flower and ran towards the graveyard. The old woman cast some spell on the flower and her son came alive from the grave but i started feeling very weak. I now saw the old woman who was a witch in disguise. I felt as if I was being sucked into a blackhole but she started advancing towards me with a knife.

I started running but she just stabbed my heart and i felt a strong pain in my stomach. i regained my conscious to find my sister glaring me with a knife saying “You emptied the Wine Bottle ???? I wish i could stab you with this knife instead of waking you up with a kick”

I was really confused and said “ahhhh ok so you are the witch…”

My sister became more furious and said “Me and Witch??”

I apologised for my folly and then said i need some sleep….

Daily Prompt #8: Say Your Name

Daily Prompt: Say Your Name.

Hi Again. Today i am going to share a small poem from the famous epic romantic movie of Bollywood “Veer Zaara”

For those of you who haven’t seen this movie … here is the link for the synopsis of the movie.


I am gonna share the poem here which the Hero (Shah Rukh Khan) says in the court room when he shall be released freely to India with full respect.

The name of the Poem has a very strong significance to the name “Qaidi 786” which means “Prisoner Number 786”.

Significance of the Name:

The number 786 in Arabic means “in the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful”. As the hero in the movie is imprisoned in a Pakistani Jail the female lawyer who fights for him stresses the significance of the holy number to the Jailor resisting their oppression towards the man who has been in Jail for no reason since 22 Years. She says “He is very special amongst all prisoners. Have you ever thought why out of all the thousands of Prisoners he has been given the Number of Allah 786… Its because Allah, the merciful is with him… I shall see to it that nobody oppresses him anymore”

Finally when the Verdict will be announced in the court room, the hero, Veer Pratap Singh says he wants to share something… and he recites this poem…which describes the muted feelings which he held till that date in his heart…

The meaning of the poem as you could see in the Subtitles must have been already very clear to you guys.

But still i wanna add few of my opinions to it.

We all think what’s in a name? but, its the only thing that gives a person a unique identity of his own… So be proud of your names …. be proud of yourself…. because not everyone lives with a unique sweet name like you… Many people are still thriving for an identity of their own in this huge world.

Thanks for reading my post.

Lots of love to all,


Pause emotions…please F.L.Y.

The rain was pouring outside the window like cats and dogs and there was huge uproar of thunder and lightning. Sipping the hot coffee in one hand and tears in heart Nachiket was gazing at the hallway expecting someone to come. He only realised he had been already 10 minutes late for the not-so-important meeting at the 24th floor. Nachiket just wiped the 2 drops of tears from his eyes and closed his eyes as he entered the escalator.

A slideshow of images started running thru his mind. His first crush whom he used to just see her during his schooling days… his best friends Anil, Suhana, Ankit… his mom, dad and his rockstar roomie Harish…. his colleagues Raashi, Chaitanya, Tripti and HER…

Nachiket reluctantly entered into the meeting room where the Manager was busy explaining some annual sales report. Nachiket started pretending as he was listening to all those stories…but he only knew what was undergoing on him… a deep pain… deep sense of losing someone, a guilt consiousness coupled with suicidal thoughts… a sense of hesitation and so many negative thoughts growing exponentially in his mind…It was as if a nightmare was being telecasted LIVE infront of him. He kept on thinking about it.

Rashi sensed that something was terribly wrong with Nachiket. Soon after the meeting ended she went over his cubicle and asked is everything ok with Nachi.  Nachiket replied in a very gloomy tone “I act like i am a very cool guy always… But deep down my heart I am just the opposite… I know many people face bigger problems than me but still I now feel that none in this world is as tensed as me”

Rashi replied back saying

“Well.. I could see that since 2 weeks… What’s wrong with you Nachi? You used to be the life of our team…”

Nachi replied

“I really cannot convey anything at this moment… please try to understand me Rashi… and give me some time…”

Rashi left calmly from that place… But before leaving she said  Nachi few words..

“Nachi…you know something? You have been hiding hell lotta things from me, Suhana and Tripti. Let me tell you one thing… Unexpresed emotions will never die… They are buried alive and will come forth later in a very uglier way. You are smart enough to understand what i am trying to say…”

Nachi just pursed his lips and was quiet. He once again opened his cell phone and checked to find some messages from HER…But there were none. It depressed him even more. Finally, there was a call from HER… The LCD Display read “Maithli”. Nachiket instantly picked up the call and said in a very low tone “Hi… I am sorry”

For the next few minutes Rashi could only hear hundredsof Sorry’s from Nachi as he was pleading to someone over phone. He was pleading like “Just one chance Maithli… please please”

Nachi came to Rashi’s desk after his conversation with Maithli and said

“It hurts you the most when the person that made you feel so special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today”

Rashi asked Nachiket “Hey… what happened Nachi? Is everything ok? Is that true? I mean … these (showing some papers to Nachi)”

Nachiket was shocked to see them in Rashi’s hands and he angrily asked her “Why did you do this to me? How could you get these papers?”

Rashi just wiped his tears from his eyes and asked him to come out. She took him to the terrace and made him drench in the rain. Nachiket was all in tears. He started sobbing and said “Rashi I am helpless… I’m …. I’m..” Rashi just controlled her tears and said Nachiket

“Nachi… you are hating yourself now… FLY Nachi FLY … First Love Yourself… (F.L.Y.)…

Stop feeling that she rejected you because of these papers…and because you conveyed your feelings at wrong time…

Why do you think you are bad now? You are as good as yesterday just as the sun and rain together at the same time. You did the right thing by conveying your feelings to her..

Nachi be strong..there are storms of emotions in your heart now… Pause them…Allow them to settle down one by one…Because storms and rain won’t last forever…”

Nachi resisted Rashi by saying”But… what about this guilt feeling? Its killing me…”

Rashi said gently “Its been over a week… and you are just hurting yourself more and more… and also hurting us by not expressing your pain..I leave it to you Nachiket… Listen to me.. In the end only 3 things matter the most…

1) How much you loved and respected her?

2) How gently you embraced the feelings unconditionally?

3)How gracefully you recovered from that?

and yeah never say “SORRY” for telling what you feel for others…. Because it’s like hurting yourself for being REAL.”

Nachi let his tears fall down his eyes and raised his head up. The raindrops falling on his face, washed away all the painful moments in his life that had haunted him very badly since a week. He just felt the rain drops were entering into his burning heart and soothing it with its peaceful rhythm…Slowly he started erasing out memories of how much he had loved Maithli since 5 years by merely watching her in class, how he proposed her a week back in an accidental meeting, how she walked out of the hallway when he showed her the reports of his life battling Cancer, how she never bothered to take care of him even if he confessed that he wasn’t playing any prank with her in the name of Cancer…how Maithli plainly said “Even if you had no Cancer i would not accept you because we can be nothing but just friends… Nothing more than that”

His broken heart was being filled woth droplets of rain cooling his angst slowly…

Finally, when the rain stopped he remembered Rashi’s words

“Rains and Storms both won’t last forever”

He dialled the number of Doctor Lucius and asked whether he can get operated for his Cancer and get well. The doctor assured him that though the chances of getting fully cured maybe a challenge but he would cost him his life if the operation was unsuccessful” Nachiket replied boldly saying”Yes… but i know i will survive… i won’t give up”

Weeks later Nachiket was operated successfully and was made to undergo series of checkups until the doctor said he is out of danger. Nachiket called Rashi from hospital just to say that

“Just when the Caterpillar thought the World would end….

it became a ButterF.L.Y…. Thanks Rashi”

Life in Sepia…

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry.... show LIFE that you have a thousand reasons to Smile....


All thru life , be sure and put your FEET in the right place .... and then stand firm...


The best mirror... is none other than your Best Friend....


Blur the line between Work and Play....


Being the BEST is great... you are the Number 1.... Being UNIQUE is greater ...because you are the only 1..


The prettiest SMILES hide the deepest SECRETS...


Don't JUDGE me because I am quiet... No one plans a MURDER loud... LOL




Sometimes you have to FORGET what's gone...
APPRECIATE  what still remains...
& LOOK FORWARD to what's coming NEXT....


Success of Team Work: