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Stroke of Midnight

At the stroke of midnight
I woke up from a nightmare
Only to realize I have travelled several miles
away from my reality

Not just my skin
but my surroundings are not the same
as it was yesterday
Everything changed, Everything gone….

I sit in a lonely room
And realize its not my home
All I can see is my feet
Chained to the bed
and needles pinned to my viens

I suppose this is what Hell is supposed to be
Because, its dark and the only light
which is penetrating inside this cell
is from the corridor

Suddenly, the door opens
and I find a halo of my past
haunting and scary it seems at first
and then I realize it is
none other than the angel of redemption
dressed as the angel of deception

She has wings painted black and white
and she carried away all my pain
with a swift motion from her wand
I try to call her but she hears none

I don’t know when I drifted back to sleep again
Only to find myself waking up
for a fresh start in my life
for a better perspective on my dreadly life

The angel of redemption is none
other than myself
for when you are in deep trouble
nobody can help you to move on
from the past, unless
you make a decision to move on
towards a better future.

Its me, who holds the power to heal myself
and also to destroy myself…
At the stroke of midnight
the nightmare actually helped me
to rise like a phoenix
from all my painful memories
into a better person….

The above write-up is inspired from Preeti Shenoy’s book “Life is what you make it”. The Protagonist of the novel suffers a very major breakdown in a mental asylum only to transform herself into a better person. All the setbacks in her life gets a permanent fix when she realizes the root cause of all her problems.
The book perfectly describes how much mental illness can actually hold back a certain person and how much destruction it can cause, unless timely treatment is provided to the patient.
In the end, Preeti Shenoy states the fact that, Life is what YOU make it. Its not someone coming to you and defining it for you. Its all in your hands whether you choose to learn from your mistakes and move on or hold yourself to the same situation and keep brooding over it for a lifetime.

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