#124 – One Indian Girl – A Review


As promised earlier this year, that I will be reading lots of Indian Fiction books and publishing my 2 pointer review on the same. Here I go presenting my new review on the very famously under rated book “One Indian Girl” written by Chetan Bhagat.

  1. Did I like the book? Yes. I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 (Punch on my face later). What seems like another annoying fictional Chethan Bhagat story is actually “the story” of many high achieving, unlovable women in our society. Inspite of the fact that they are so much capable of handling multiple roles in their lives, men force them to choose only one role and when they ask “Why” they are dumped ruthlessly or even worse termed as “You are not wife material”. The book is one time readable and explores peripherals of one amongst many issues that career-oriented women face in India.
  2. One of the key statements that touched my heart was when the protagonist Radhika asks her parents

“He (father) used to tell me, “Beta, when you grow up, you can do whatever you want. The sky is the limit for you. Why do people tell girls all this? You ask them to achieve things, but when they do, you can’t handle it. Why does it become “you are not even a girl anymore”?”.

In addition to this, I also liked another line by the character Brijesh Gulati , protagonists would-be husband telling her

“Frankly you or for that matter, any girl, doesn’t need a man to define her. You need a man to support, inspire… understand you. Help you be the best person you can be, banker, mother, both, whatever. And until you find a man you can trust enough to do that, why settle?”

My next pick will be from authors Savi Sharma or Robin Sharma. Will post a review on both the books soon.

Keep Reading. Keep Inspiring.



Daily Prompt #98 – What No One Tells You About Loneliness

lonely boy wallpapers

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?
Source: Take Care

For the first time in my history of blogging Daily Prompts, the prompt and the state of my health are in perfect sync with each other.

Since morning, I am feeling nausea and restlessness. Thanks to the great weekend, full of surprises and lots of long night outs… I skipped my beauty sleep and enjoyed my life to the fullest. Sometimes, skipping sleep is okay when you have hundreds of exciting things waiting for you infront of your eyes.

Coming back to today’s prompt I have split the post in 2 parts

~Part 1~

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone?

I would prefer to soldier on alone for 2 reasons

  1. Long back someone very dear to me once said “You would not have come back from that shit if it wasn’t for me” and that sentence really made me so strong that, I rarely give any person a chance to show that he/she is doing some charity for me.
  2. I always embraced SOLITUDE to such an extent that, when I am in need of help, the closest person who can help me is ME.

~Part 2~

What does it take for you to ask for help?

When I feel that I cannot take it anymore, I would phone my friends and ask for some help.


I am sure the above statements would clearly portray me as a very rude woman but I am okay with whatever people think of me. Because, they can be just spectator to my situation and cannot take the ownership of paying my bills tomorrow.

So, its okay to soldier on alone and go the extra mile… because at times, OUR FEARS ARE THE BIGGEST LIARS on this planet. The fear of breaking down actually makes you weak and convinces you that you really need someone. One tip for all those people out there ailing from any form of sickness… always remember “Its going to be hard but hard is not IMPOSSIBLE”


Be alone, Eat alone, take care of yourself alone because in the midst of this loneliness, you will find your true self.

You will grow. You will find your inspiration. You will live your dreams.You will find your clarity. – Bianca Sparacino

For those of you who do not know who is Bianca, read below

Bianca Sparacino is a writer from Toronto, Ontario who aims to write honestly about the beauty that arises from the contrasts of life. From love, and loss, to joy and regret, she has dedicated herself to turning the human condition into poetry. When she’s not writing, Bianca enjoys a shameful amount of black coffee, dusty old vintage shops, and studying Neuroscience. Some of her biggest influencers are Anais Nin, Anna Karina, and Susan Sontag. She has a very good tumblr site where you can go and read her tumblr posts filled with self help material and lots of interesting motivational stuff.

Src: ThoughtCatalog

Daily Prompt #97 – The Smartest Thing That A Woman Can Learn

lonely girl quotes

Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.
Source: Third Rate Romance

She used to admire him

and he used to ignore her relentlessly

She gave him her heart

and he showed his ass

She walked beside him

and he never saw that coming in

She begged for love

and got his denial

She decided to leave him

and he left her

She went on to write poems and more poems on him

and more and more guys started falling for her

She went on to become a rockstar….

Until, one day he returned back to her

asking for some love

and all she said was

“The smartest thing a woman can learn,

is to never  need a man”

He said “okay you are still looking the same…. with that awesome hair”

and she said

“I’ll run fingers through my own hair

and grab my own ass…Bye”

The quotes “The smartest thing…” and “I’ll run fingers..” are taken from Pinterest. The above poem is dedicated to all women who fall miserably for that one guy, who teaches them in turn how to not give an eff to any man in this world. Thanks to all those boys who bring out the alpha woman from that innocent lass.

365 Days Writing Prompts #4 – The Liberation Day

Festivus for the rest of us:
You have been named supreme ruler of the universe. Your first order of business is creating and instituting a holiday or festival in your honor. What day of the year is your holiday? What special events will take place? Describe YOU DAY in as great a detail as you can muster: the special foods we’ll consume, the decorations we’ll use…everything.

Instead of me being named as the Supreme Ruler here is a fictional character called Banjosca who becomes the supreme ruler of the Universe.

His first order of Business would be to declare MAY DAY as LIBERATION DAY and declare the entire week as Holiday.

Banjosca is none other than someone who has

  • the criminal mastermind of a joker
  • brute strength and exceptional intelligence of Bane
  • and possesses brilliant knowledge on how to induce fear in people just like the Scare Crow.

Hence the name BAne JOker SCArecrow. Banjosca would probably look like this.

joker wallpapers dc comics

Here is a short poem that Banjosca might keep as his National Anthem if he becomes the supreme ruler of the Universe:

When I wake up this morning

I keep telling the person in my mirror

that let nobody bring you down

for you are not a MONSTER…

but you are just ahead of the curve….

When I wake up this morning

I dress myself up

and say to myself 

that I am born to

give the instrument of your liberation…

I take the detonator in my hand

and push it in my jacket

have a glass of champagne

to celebrate the victory

of people induced by the fear


I pick up the gun on the table

and walk down the street

taking  a glimpse of those fast-track courts 

where I decide “It’s not about what I want… but it’s all about what’s fair”

I pound the gavel down

and sentence all these

corrupt bureaucrats to death/exile

for whatever they choose, 

their final path would lead them to die their own death

My city doesn’t want any winged hero

to come and rescue them

to restore the anarchy

to pacify the chaos

to liberate them

to bring them out of darkness

to make them fearless

Instead all it wants is an

anti-hero Banjosca

Banjosca is not an anti-social

but he is a man with intelligence

ignored by the world filled with Conformists

Banjosca wins the war for he has made people 

to step out of their hide outs and be fair enough to 

embrace the sensible way of living

by breaking all the rules

The heroes of the city brand me as DIFFERENT

For which I agree…

Yes I am different FUCK YOUR OPINION

it has no meaning for I am still

searching for that one mad fellow

who is as crazy as me

and accepts my ruling unquestionably

Because I believe



I stop beside the money launderers building and

press the detonator button

Off goes the siren 

and the city is in chaos….

100 more people dead

Blood bath in the street

Some more people are liberated

The anarchy has successfully restored

the faith that no money launderer 

will ever be able to survive the

chaos created by Banjosca

The tattoo shops are all open

And the kids once again ink themselves with

the words



I give him 2 dollars

and come back to my home

Only to wake up next day

to upset the anarchy…..

and restore some fairness in our system.

Regarding the decorations, Banjosca would put up the below posters all the main streets of the city.

joker wallpapers joker wallpapers

365 Days Writing Prompts #2 – The Rescue

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

Instead of narrating an incident where I could have rescued someone, I would like to write something on how can you rescue someone.

Yes, you read it right. You might be wondering how can you rescue someone. Around 800,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year and of these 135,000 are from India, which accounts for around 17% of the total suicide deaths in the world when you calculate. And the numbers are rising significantly every year. Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and West Bengal have been identified as the cities where most suicides happen. Tamil Nadu has the highest suicide rates as compared to other states.

If you consider the male: female ratio in this matter, you would find that we rank at 6th position in Female Suicide Statistics and we stand at 22nd in Male Suicide Statistics

This is just in India, but if you see the larger picture you would be surprised to see that, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds in some part of our World. And the global  suicide rates have increased 60% in the past 45 years.

If you wiki Suicide, it provides you a long list of common causes for SUICIDE like the following

  1. Bankruptcy
  2. Mental Disorders
  3. Substance Use
  4. Problem Gambling
  5. Medical Conditions
  6. Media so on and so forth

But the Suicide.org actually sums it down into one single REASON. That is UNTREATED DEPRESSION. Depression can be one of the major reasons for the increase in suicides around us.

Depression when treated can heal a person completely and never make him course his journey towards Suicide. But on the other hand, when people do not take proper treatments they drift away from all the so-called Helplines, Crisis Help Centers, Family, Friends, Loved ones and all and isolate themselves only to kill their own life, which is quite painful. It is nothing but tragedy.

Suicide.org states, over 90% of people who die by suicide have a mental illness at the time of their death. And the most common illness is DEPRESSION. Negative experiences in life cause few people to sink into depression. Losing jobs, Loss of loved ones, Serious trauma, or some tragic incident in one’s life could be the common reasons for people who become depressed.

90% of the times, it goes untreated because people do not share their pain with others. And there is this solid theory in their minds, that NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME. The stigma associated with Suicide makes them feel that if they reach out for help people may think they are vulnerable. But very often people forget that, even strong people too succumb to self killings.

Famous examples of people who were successful in their lives but still killed themselves are : Adolf Hitler, Cleopatra,  Kurt Cobain, Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh, Robin Williams and the list goes on.

So when a person approaches for help, do not shun them away. Because anyone can be VULNERABLE. Instead here’s how you can help them:

The below list has been extracted from the WHO report on “Preventing Suicide – A global imperative” I hope these facts will help you save some lives.

pablo (2)pablo (4)pablo (5)pablo (6)pablo (7)

Always remember that people who want to end themselves often intend think killing themselves will kill their pain and put an end to it. Seldom do they know that killing oneself is not a solution for any problem. Remind them that there is still hope for the hopeless in this world. All you have to do is reach out. Reach out to your close friends and come out of the emotional black hole all by yourself.

In order to rescue someone, all you need is your presence. Many times, due to lack of guidance, people think suicide is #1 option. But, your presence can make your friend lead a good life than allowing him to commit suicide. Watch out for those signs, do not allow them to be in isolation for a long time, and also stop allowing them to reside in dark places. Be their light, be their helping hand.

Remember his story-.png

Because Suicides are preventable. You can be a super hero for someone who has gone astray from the path of life. All it takes is a helping hand.