Why Mumbai Truly Makes Me Stay Here Forever

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Last weekend after spending a brief period of time in Bangalore, I must admit I started to become a Bangalorean again. The cold weather, the vintage Kannada boards, Kannadigas and the strong scent of filter coffee from nearby Priyadarshini’s and the steaming idlis took me back to 2011 when I first started my IT career in Wipro. Although I had to commute from BTM to Electronic City… without the help of 356CW life was still in slo-mo. Nothing was ever done in a hurry. Everything was in a soft and slow manner.

Before I could reminiscence more, a loud honking of cabbie woke me up from my dreamland. Lo… and we were stuck halfway through towards Infantry road. How can you forget the epic traffucks when you are in Bangalore. It is at that point I started missing Mumbai.

Mumbai is a very busy city. Right from the whistling Mumbai Locals which trail their way throughout the city relentlessly almost 22 hours a day…till the vendors who risk their lives jumping from one train to another selling their stuff…. Everyone is busy. 

The city doesn’t have much IT crowd. And that is why you will still see some amount of honesty in auto-rickshaw drivers and the cabbies. Everyone knows it’s difficult to make money and everyone has their own share of difficulties every day.

You hardly find lazy people here. The traffic is just traffic here and doesn’t become a bottleneck to reach from Destination A to Destination B. Quite contrary to what has happened to Bangalore today.

I can vividly remember my ordeal to get to Colors Kannada office. I had to really haggle with the auto guy. The reason was very simple. He would not go the bare minimum 1km distance for the min price. He exorbitantly charged flat 60 rupees. I mean how in the hell does 1km get so expensive. In Mumbai, it’s hardly 30 rupees.

My next encounter was my travel to KIAL. The airport is so far and no proper train connectivity you really have to be dependent on cabbies. The cabs also charge a flat 1000-1500 rupees depending on the demand and supply chain. The same amount of distance in Mumbai costs you a maximum of 600-700 rupees. 

By statistics, Mumbai is 5x expensive city than Bangalore. But still, a man can survive in Mumbai with whatever little he earns. Try that in Bangalore….. !!! Right from the maid till the auto driver, right from your plumber to commuting everybody thinks the common man in Bangalore is heir to some big angel investor. But the reality is quite different. 

Last week someone asked me whether I would like to relocate to Bangalore or stay in Mumbai. And with a heavy heart, I had to say Mumbai because this city has some bit of humanity and ethics still left. Mumbai doesn’t drag you to the streets and harass you by charging logic-less prices for the common man. This city knows the struggle of a family man. I sincerely prayed to God that the metro work of Bangalore gets completed as soon as possible so that one day people have to totally ditch the buses and rickshaws to travel in peace.

Until then, the common man in Bangalore has to keep earning 10% higher than what he earns every year in order to keep up with the pace of day to day expenses.

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Master The Art Of Getting Things Done Rather Than Waiting For The Right Moment

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“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl… but by all means, keep going” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Have you ever come across people who want to accomplish their goals yet are trapped in a cage full of excuses?
Not sure about you, but I have come across many. A classic example of this behaviour can be seen in a group of bookworms. Whenever there is a group of people who love reading books, you can clearly see the distinction between people who read on E-readers like Kindle and another group who refuse to move away from paperbacks.

It has happened to me so many times. People sometimes just don’t get the actual reason why I moved away from paperbacks and switched completely to Kindle. It always leaves an element of curiosity in them. Because after all, books are nostalgic….it’s a different feeling to hold the book in your hands and read. [I agree]

You might be wondering why did I pick this specific example. Let me explain this for you all.

I am a person who focuses purely on the journey and not the egalitarian ways of working things out in another way. For me, it’s all about getting my work done on a daily basis and reaching a few steps closer to my goals.

I primarily focus on getting shit together rather than worrying about the right time to launch things.
In other words, I work towards making results happen and do not take any excuses into account.

As a result, every year, I manage to finish my book reading goals as compared to my other friends. This was possible, only because I read a few books on Kindle and a few books from my paperback library. I was not even once bothered about how was I achieving my goals…. my focus was only to finish my challenge. Kindle or paperback never mattered.

When you focus on getting results, you don’t get stopped by obstacles. Come what may, you always find ways to work it out. But when your focus is purely on aesthetics and other stuff, you get easily derailed from your journey and before you know, you would have lost a great opportunity.

A perfect example of this is the guy who is obese and wants to join the gym. He knows that the only solution to lose weight is to join a gym and start working out. But, he still keeps grumbling to himself that he does not have the right kind of gyms nearby / he does not have friends to join. On the other hand, there are so many self-taught yogis who practice yoga daily all by themselves 365 days a year. Whether they are in their homes or out on the streets, you can always see them not skipping their daily practice.

My two cents are very simple.

Focus on getting your goals completed successfully.
When your focus is completely determined towards becoming #1, your brain starts processing the information deep down your subconscious mind. This is the beginning of holding onto the journey of your dreams. Never be bogged down by phrases like “right-time or perfect-time”. The time will never be right… it’s all in your hands whether to make it right and use it to your advantage or just wait for the perfect moment [which never comes at all].

There is nothing called a PERFECT moment. This moment is all you that you have got to make your dreams come true. Stop procrastinating and start chasing your dreams.

Jon Tyson

A Visit To “World For All”

There is nothing as intriguing as looking into the eyes of a dog. Today after ages it felt like I was at home…. The smell of kennel, the howling of dogs and those shiny bright eyes full of hope and energy …. all thanks to “World For All”.

World For All Animal Care & Adoptions is an NGO which helps adopt Indian stray dogs. WFA is based out of Mumbai. This time they partnered with TikTok and launched a campaign called #PetBFF.

Me being Creator Manager for the Pet Animals vertical from TikTok, I had the golden chance to interact with the staff of WFA and learn more about various kinds of dogs who have found shelter at WFA.

There are dogs which have been abandoned by their owners and there are dogs which have been subjected to animal cruelty. It was quite heartbreaking to hear stories of each dog landed up in WFA.

Today’s event was all about breaking stereotypes of buying only dogs of certain breed. The event was more about creating awareness about adoption of Indies. Being a mother of 3 dogs I myself know how hard it is to raise Indies in a society full of labs, golden retrievers and GSD’s. There are lots of prejudice that people carry when it comes to Indian Paraiah breeds. It was very nice to have Disha Patani, leading Bollywood Actress coming to the NGO and sharing her thoughts about adoption and animal cruelty.

It was fun to interact with top animal creators of TikTok along with other famous creators of TikTok like Shivani Kapila, Awez Darbar, Naghma, Paras Tomar, Faby, Deepak Chaudhary etc.

For people based out of Mumbai, this is one of the go-to places if you are a hardcore dog lover. You can volunteer in the daily activities of the NGO and also spend some quality time with the dogs over there. The place is situated near the vicinity of Kamal Arohi Studio, which is another plus point if you want to have a walk near the lush greenery amidst the hustle and bustle of Bombay.

Epic Battle Between Quality Vs Quantity

Complaining is easy. Executing is hard.

Gary Vaynerchuck

I wish I had started blogging long time back….

I wish I had started taking this course long time back….

I wish I had taken my career seriously….

How often do you come across such people who always dwell in the “I Wish” world??

If you are one amongst them, then this blog post is for you.

Dear friend,

It doesn’t matter where you stand right now or how much money you are making today… All it matters is how much hustle are you going to bring in to change your life. 90% of them right now only exist in the “I Wish” world. Nobody is ready to get their hands dirty and do the thing.

One of my friends always had issues with my writing. He had a notion that he is a person who gives huge amount of fucks to write that perfect blog rather than me… who blurts out things in a random way.

Today, its been 3 years of his crib… and i can see his dusted blog still standing there all alone as a testimonial for his quality. And me progressing few hundred posts and pedalling my way upto my goal [The goal of writing as much as I can, because I genuinely love to write]

Moral of the story is very simple. If you give too many fucks about quality, you will end up nowhere. Stop being a perfectionist and start putting out content on whichever platform your audience is. Do not get too uncomfortable with the fact that your work does not have the quality that you think it should have. In this big world, where 90% people are too busy clicking selfies, making TikTok videos and uploading tons of content…. you have to remember nobody gives a shit.

People only notice whether you are making some noise or not. As long as you are making it…. be rest assured that quality also falls in place. You will eventually reach the quality with regular hardwork and consistency. Until then, allow yourself to make as many mistakes as possible and start writing.

Do not let your fear for perfection, paralyse you from putting out content on the net.

Happy writing!

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From Prompts To Actual Writing – My Evolution

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It’s been quite a few months I started writing again…

Thanks to my co-workers who reminded me that I have a blog here at wordpress.com.

As I was talking to my colleagues about my blogging journey, I remembered my evolution as a random 1-2 post blogger to writing several hundred posts over the years.

How does it all begin… someone asked me…

The answer is simple… I started blogging just for the heck of it using word prompts given by the WordPress community. Slowly I picked up prompts given by dedicated prompt accounts from Twitter. Over a period of 1.5 years, after writing more than 200 posts I slowly gathered the confidence to write on any topic I longed for.

Nothing happens overnight. I still forget my flow, I commit grammatical mistakes and I sometimes don’t end a blog post the way it should end… But… who cares?

As long as you are writing something…. and you are happy from your heart…nothing should stop you from writing.

One tip for bloggers who want to start writing this year:

Start a blog – Pick a topic – Shut up and just write. [Trust me you will go blank, you will be scared but the journey is worth it.]

Happy Weekend You All!!

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