#131 – Sad State of Human Emotions

Today I happened to bump into one of the answers on my Quora feed.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 6.11.02 PM

What surprised me was the enormous amount of upvotes for this piece of toxic shit.

The entire ten step process seems like a joke on human emotions. Where are we heading to?

It’s fun to betray someone and laugh behind their back. But, it’s too difficult to be a victim of such betrayals. The amount of damage it causes to someone is inexplicable. As the author has suggested “The person is killed. Only the body is alive”.

If you ever come across such narcissistic and fake people please walk away and save yourself from the mess.


#130 – How do you SIMPLIFY life?

minimalism wallpaper

The simple picture given below simplifies hell lot of things for me. It cuts the crap and jumps directly to things:

how to simplify your life

I once had a friend who kept on thinking of 100 scenarios that could go wrong if he starts blogging. And even till this date, he remains as a person who wants to be a blogger.  If you truly want something, then get up and start working towards it. It’s as simple as that. Keep your life SIMPLE. Unfuck your days by embracing minimalism.

#129 – Why do hard working people always suffer more than the less hard working people in their entire life?

One of the most common questions asked by my friends to me whenever they see their appraisal ratings is “Why do hard working people always suffer more than the less hard-working people in their entire life?”. My answer in 5 points here:

  1. Let’s make it clear to ourselves that there is a huge difference between working hard and working smart. So before calling someone less hard-working, let’s take a step-back and validate whether we are doing the 10% impactful work in our workplaces or mindlessly slogging.
  2. Less hard-working people (the so-called people pleasers) also make it a point that they form close-knit allies in workplaces and use it to cover their flaws and shortcomings.
  3. Sometimes, unknowingly we might be working hard in the wrong direction. So, it’s important to know where are we heading to.
  4. While hard workers usually assume that being a workaholic is very appreciated, it always works the otherwise. It’s always the smart workers who bag the maximum attention from bosses.
  5. Less hard working people master the art of delegation and manage their time efficiently. They avoid mind-boggling meetings and focus on things which will fetch them credit in short term.

There is no shortcut to success. Ultimately, everyone has to work hard in order to reach the top rung of the corporate ladder. What matters the most is where you focus your hard work into. Having a fixed goal in mind and working towards it  consistently is the key. So the next time you see someone cribbing about the rating, please see whether they are really “hard workers” or “people without a vision”.


#128 – What important lessons has life taught you?

top ten things life teaches you

The top ten lessons that life taught me and I had to learn the hard way are:

  1. Step-back and re-think when you feel things are not going as per your plan.
  2. Patience is the key to conquer anything. Never rush while taking an important life-changing decision.
  3. Breathe in and breathe out 5 times when you think of giving up. It helps you to regain your composure when everything seems lost.
  4. It’s futile to kill yourself or beat yourself up for anyone in this world. Be it your boss or boyfriend or girlfriend… none. You are more important than you think of yourself.
  5. If you don’t take charge of your dreams, someone else will come and hire you to work for their dreams.
  6. Always have one side-hustle. You never know when it will come to your rescue.
  7. Unfuck yourself regularly by distancing from negative people.
  8. You are the architect of your life. Nobody can babysit and shape it up for you.
  9. Stop living like the rest 99% of them. Raise the game and always aim 10 steps higher than you can climb.
  10. Follow your heart always.

What lessons did life teach you? Please comment below. Would love to read each of them.

#127 – 10 Best Moves That Changed My Life Forever

Here are the top 10 moves that I started adapting over the few years which changed my life for good.

  1. Never announce your moves before you make them. Keep it to yourself and journal it for your daily reference.
  2. Save for today.
  3. Plan for retirement in your early 25’s
  4. Decrease your dependency towards depreciating assets and plan your finances carefully.
  5. Always have emergency funds at your disposal. If you are wondering how much should I have in my emergency fund now, calculate it here.
  6. Distance yourself from people who no longer fuel your ambitions. Read how you can achieve it here.
  7. Take good care of your body by exercising daily. Your body will thank you later. These seven minute workouts are really going to help you begin the journey.
  8. Prioritize your life first. Declutter rest everything from your life. Don’t know where to start? Here are some simple and effective ways to begin with.
  9. Do not burn your opportunities for temporary indulgements in things which serve no purpose a year later. Always apply the 1-3-5 rule when in confusion.
  10. Start reading a book every day. It is always hard in the beginning but you will love reading once you start embracing it as your daily routine. ‘

What are the best moves in your life?