The Internetisation of the Tourism Industry in India

Very informative write-up on Tourism Industry in the digital era.

India Destinations

Online Tourism

There was a time when I used to hear people say that it will take ages for the internet to penetrate Indian market. This is because at that point in time, most Indians preferred to buy products and services in a very conventional way. I believe many of them still follow the same buying pattern. While I do make online purchases today, I myself prefer to buy many things offline, products that I can see, feel, touch in person, so that I get that sense of satisfaction. You may call me old-fashioned, but I need to know what I am buying, after all I work really hard to earn my income and I want to spend it wisely and correctly. Millions of Indians feel the same way, but in last 5-7 years things have changed. Indian markets have grown considerably with the help of internet boom happening across the country…

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