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Why I Took A Break From Self-Help Books

Self-help books are great. They help us find the center of our Universe and enlighten us on the most important priorities of life. But, what if your whole reading list contains only self-help books?

Well, this was me a year back.

Picking up every damn book from the bookstore written by Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer, Norman Vincent Lewis etc.

In the end, I realized, I needed a break from all these books to figure out what works the best for me (not some big guy selling too much philosophy in each book).

So why did I do this to myself?

What made this transition happen?

Just a 30-days Reading Challenge from different genre helped me realize that self-help books are great just once in a while. Theories like “Wake up at 5 am and be like a robot, make time sheets, track your food intake” sounds sweet on paper, but how about practicing at least 1% of those rituals in actual reality?

In the self-help genre after reading 10 books from the same author, you literally start beating yourself up in order to keep up with the “ideal life” mentioned in the book. Life is imperfect. And life is best enjoyed with all the imperfections around us. The more you beat yourself up, the more screwed up it becomes.

On the contrary, if you just let it go and try to figure out the recipe that works best for you, you will eventually win. Like no matter who says wake up at 5, what if, your office hours and your routine demand you to take rest till 8 am and be up until late night 12:00 am.

Similarly, someone may say, travel every weekend and get lost in the woods. But what if you are an introvert who enjoys more time in the reading room than roaming outside?

The best option in all these cases is to give yourself a break from all the ideal life philosophies and figure out what works best for you. Understand what interests you the most, what works the best for your life and plan your life accordingly. This not only lowers your stress but also helps you understand that there is no point in being so hard on yourself.

Allow all the noise inside your head to settle down. Take a deep breath and keep that goddamn self-help book back in the shelf. Be yourself first rest everything will fall in place.


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7 thoughts on “Why I Took A Break From Self-Help Books

  1. Totally agree. This is the sole reason we end up feeling discouraged and the constant need to change is always nagging us.

  2. I totally agree!! I love self help books but they are pointless if you dont start putting what you are reading into action. I used to read book after book on self help – Now I only read them when there is something specific I am looking into or trying to improve about myself and then fit the advice around who I am.

  3. So relatable. Actually I’ve been reading self help books & also recently started listening to Robin Sharma’s podcasts. They are really great but yeah we do need a break.
    I’ve experienced that the more I read or listen on this topic more frustrated I get.

    You’ve said it so beautifully in this post that we have to find what works best for us & not to work like robots & follow everything .

    1. Hi Accidental Blogger, Yes. Certain times i have felt whether i will ever be able to keep up with their ideologies or not. And what will I become if I fail to become that ideal person?

      1. I’ve felt same. And we might end up pressurising our self to be like them.

        Can you suggest me some books you read instead of Self-help?

  4. Very well said…agree with ur views. Its all about living and experiencing. But yes i do respect the philosophers as they would have laid out general principles for inner peace and the interested may implement them.


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