#006 – I love you Steve – Part 1

Create a dent in the Universe...
Create a dent in the Universe…

It was a sunny day when I was roaming inside my company campus as I was in Free-pool period. During Free-pool usually guys love to spend more and more time in Dorms or strolling over the large corridors of the Campus admiring each and everything in the Architecture of  the building. I usually prefer to dig myself in the dark basement of the Wipro Library which is my niche when I wanna spend some private time with Books.

This day as usual I finished checking my mails in the Library and as usual started my “book seeing” session which I daily do. See the books neatly stacked in the library and get unconditional joy out if it saying “hmm so much is there to Read in life….so much of Knowledge awaits me…” Suddenly I saw a voluminous book which was lying near the Table. It was in all white and yeah a big face on the front side of the book…I just kept saying “Oh my my…don’t tell me it’s here” Luckily to my surprise it’s the book which I had always wanted to read…..”Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson”


The reader in me tempted me and said “Come on what are you seeing? Go and grab it before someone else sees that..” girl_reading_book_flickr_vimages

But the common sense in me which sprouts uncommonly shot a strong signal in my brains saying “No….Its a very huge book…What about the trunk full of books that you have bought it and stacked it in a neat pile…”

For a minute I was in dilemma but as usual the Reader in me won and finally I picked up the big book and I went to the Librarian and quickly filled all the details and soon I was off to my Cave…(the basement …..its like the Batman’s underground cave)

I sniffed the Book…wow the smell of new book is always so nice. Thus began my journey with “The Most Influential Person” of this world.

A journey with Steve Jobs and how I too got mad in his Reality Distortion Field…(about Reality Distortion Field…. I shall explain to you in the upcoming posts)



3 thoughts on “#006 – I love you Steve – Part 1

  1. Innovation distinguishes between a Leader and a follower.
    Always be innovative, people will follow you. Well Done 🙂

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